Sunday, April 22, 2012

Animation: Walk Cycle

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This is just a quick update with a walk cycle I've finished just now, intended for a theoretical point and click adventure.

Click for some background and sketches!

Walk cycles are always a bit iffy to do - it's nice that they're a loop, hence you can't completely lose direction with your animation, but there's also a greater need to stay focussed, especially if you need to make several angles work at once.

This is a 6-frame walk, which should be the minimum for things not to look absolutely awful. Also, with six frames, you have pretty much the entire motion set - if you really need more frames, simple inbetweening will do fine.

As a little bonus, here's how this character came to be. The basic idea was a "slacker" guy, which made me draw up a few possible options (first row):

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Obviously, the one looking most like Lebowsky fit best after all, because you can't go more slacker than that. Still, if you look closely, he doesn't have many similarities at all with Jeff Bridges in his Dude role - facial structure, hair and body type are very different. Only the clothes are a giveaway, the rest is more something you feel than outright see.

A few possible color schemes:

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...aaand a finished character sheet to get the proportions down. The righmost part is probably interesting, because you can see all the filters and overlays used to achieve the paper feel of the final piece. The totem pole-thing in the center of the picture is actually the basic color scheme used for the character - originally, his shirt is dark purple.

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Hope you like it!

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  1. ^___^ eek! Didn't know you were on blogspot. This stuff is really awesome!