Thursday, January 26, 2012

VN character: Lady with basket

Another one-off character artwork. Like last week's entry, this would work as a VN portrait for dialogues.
Click to see the full image, and there's also a small WIP sketch!

Again, this has been made in Paint Tool SAI, with some color correction afterwards.
SAI is pretty good for these soft, flowing lines - it has amazing brush behavior, seems to interpolate much more finely than other programs, and it's lightning-quick! You're probably not even noticing the input lag in heavier programs, but I seriously recommend giving it SAI (or another lightweight, painting-only software) a spin!

In lieu of an actual Making Of, here's the lineart and basic coloring:

(click to enhance)

Honestly, the reddish shading was probably a bit of a waste, as I just painted over it all. Still, it's a neat exercise, and for darker/grittier images, it definitely pays to have the shading done on paper.
Hope you like it!

Any comments, please speak below!

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