Friday, August 6, 2010

Character: Erkan

Nothing fancy this time - although I tried to get the idea of a loose, badly fitting leisure suit into the picture. This guy is a concoction of all the standard mobster clichés you can think of, with a bitchin' mustache to boot.

Click to see the whole image including preliminary sketch and lineart!

Yes, this guy would probably be Keyser Söze - if he existed, that is.

Anyway, I wanted to try some folds and drapes for once, so a loose and gaudy suit would probably do the trick. Photo reference was used - Gary Oldman in "The Professional", in case you weren't aware (and shame on you!).

This is the embarrassing first attempt at a sketch, without the slightest idea of form and dynamics. With the base sucking so hard, I abandoned the whole idea of realism like a champ and went with the usual silly comic style. Ah well.

The final shading is half based on the pencil shadows I left in on purpose, with one additional light source added, some slight shadows added digitally (especially to reduce the stark contrast on the folds) and a big ol' gradient thrown over the whole figure.

I really need to do some nice background next time.

Hope you like it!

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  1. No, I think that he could be Torrente ->