Saturday, May 15, 2010

Late night character: Green Pixie

The famed green pixie, said to bestow lucid visions on the creative and delirious, though not necessarily by entirely painless means. Has a habit of making brash entries.

(click to see the whole thing.)

Method: Very uncomplicated, just some scanned lineart in ink, digital colors and some texture (using the usual paint splatters).

Possibly the only noteworthy thing going on in this picture is the combination of brush-, i.e. color-based shading and line hatching. Personally, I'd use either one or the other, but as the whole image has a "Just don't care" feel about it, it fits pretty well.

If you want to try it for yourself, I've uploaded the image's lineart. Feel free to beautify it, and let me see the results! (Please don't use for profit, and if you use it for anything non-profit, I wanna see it :) )


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