Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Character: Killer Prom Queen

Done for a community activity over at conceptart.org. Theme: "Killer Prom Queen".
Tried to keep it a bit tasteful, no weapons, no blood splatter, no random heads or severed body parts. Though at second glance you might notice the strange necklace and tiara, or the suspiciously pale leather the handbag is made of...

Linework in ink, scanned and colored in Photoshop. Went with an appropriately "dirty" look, watercolor brush, clashing shadow colors, no clear light source. Accentuated the speculars on the face to highlight the "sweaty crazed" look.
I originally intended to change the skin tone later on, but the unrealistic purple sort of grew on me and gives the composition a welcome, schizophrenic note.

Oh, and the period is thought to be the 50s. I actually went through several hairdos, but the classic, massive beehive is still the corniest/best.


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