Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't normally post my animations, but...

...this here made me a bit proud :)

From top to bottom: idle, run, (idle again), walk, talk.


  1. these are absolutely delightful. i love the guard who runs like an ape.

  2. I love how you've managed to convey bucket loads of personality in such a small format. Great work!

    (I also agree with Tom Francis - they sound french to me!)

  3. Brilliant work Michael! Amazing sense of character in so few pixels/frames. Really inspiring!

  4. I love those animations, great work, if Only I could get that amount of detail on something twice that size.

  5. what do you use to make this fantastic animations?

  6. Hi Mrs. X/Mr. X,

    for pixel art, any pixel editor will do. MSPaint is an extremely solid pixel art editor, and more than sufficient for any of your standing poses or keyframe work.

    For animation, I can generally recommend GraphicsGale:


    ...which is not pricey at all and has all the functionality you need. Other people use Cosmigo ProMotion. There may be more commercial editors out there, though I wouldn't know.

    Gale hitches a lot and has a somewhat loose and rough feel to it (onion skinning is bugged to hell and back), but it's more than workable and a good bet for "simple" animations such as these.

    Protip: Hotkey your previous frame/next frame commands to the biggest, easiest-to-reach keys you can imagine. Normal spriting is based on nudging parts around, but fast jumpung between frames will make "loose" animations such as these a joy to make.

    Also, thanks everyone for your comments. :)

    I'm currently quite busy with some character artworks, but I'll definitely post animations again.

    For some simple, four-frame vector work, why not have a look at this old-ass post of mine:


    See you,


  7. So good! Looking forward to seeing these in a game.

  8. i'm now a fan

  9. Your pixel work is killer. Really great.

  10. Can I use this for a competition? I will give you full credit. Also may I modify them a bit?