Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"I bag you" Girl

This is another piece I made as a reference to my friend's blog at Ibagyou.blogspot.com. It's been awfully nice of her to link to my site and I wanted to return the favor. Plus I had been planning to do something similar to my picture from February 21, but more stylized. I have to say that she's incredibly talented, and as you can see, I find her work very inspiring.

Method: This one has been done a bit differently from the rest. The lineart for the character is done in ink, but polished digitally. This time, I did the shading using a "scratchy" brush, throwing a lot of lines and stripes on the character.
The background is a lazily traced and modified picture of Amsterdam, with the border "scratched away", again.

Even if it certainly doesn't look like it, this lady actually had a lot of preliminary sketches, even though the pose is extremely basic and simple. I suppose I should pay more attention to walks in general. (I might upload some of these later, even though they look awful!)

Her clothes are based on a photo I found on one of the many street fashion blogs (with the perspective shifted from frontal to side view, among many other changes). These are very good for finding clothing reference, especially if you have trouble with folds and drapes, like I do. I find this page the best source for photo reference: The Sartorialist is about the best-known fashion blog, and thankfully a lot classier and less hipster-infested than most others.

If I just need some reference for a specific fold, a quick search on flickr or Picasa usually does the trick.

Spanish Moss Vintage blog


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